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Emergency medicine
  1. Tom Crippen

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Kirk and Bistner's Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment, 9th edn Richard B. Ford. Elisa M. Mazzaferro 784 pages, paperback, £56.99. Elsevier Saunders. 2012. ISBN 978 1 4377 0798 4

I OWN many, many veterinary books, mainly because I feel a book can't forget things, whereas I certainly can. Of my many books, I have seven with the title ‘emergency’ on the front cover. This is the area I most enjoy, so I always find it exciting to add to my collection when a new book comes on to the market.

This book is somewhere between pocket and textbook in size, and it contains a surprising amount of information by using a small font and its 784 pages to the full. It is separated into six chapters that are …

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