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Meeting future demand

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THEY say that, if it happens in America, it won't be long before it happens here. Even so, a recent study of ‘Workforce needs in veterinary medicine’ carried out by the US National Academy of Sciences should be of more than passing interest to vets in the UK.* Undertaken with support from the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, the American Veterinary Medical Association and others, it sought to address ‘not only current workforce estimates, but also the unmet needs that the profession must address in order to remain relevant to society’. Although primarily concerned with the situation in the USA, some of the problems identified have a familiar ring. Indeed, in many respects, they resemble those discussed in the Lowe report in the UK in 2009, suggesting that the veterinary profession faces similar challenges on both sides of the Atlantic.

Challenges identified in the US report include maintaining the economic stability …

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