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Canine neurology
Hereditary ataxia in Jack Russell terriers in the UK
  1. Katherine Simpson,
  2. Salih Eminaga and
  3. Giunio Bruto Cherubini
  1. Dick White Referrals, Station Farm, London Road, Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire CB8 0UH

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THE neurology and neurosurgery department at Dick White Referrals has recently diagnosed four cases of hereditary ataxia in Jack Russell terriers. This disease has been described in Jack Russell terriers in Germany (Wessmann and others 2004) but, to our knowledge, has never been reported in the UK.

Hereditary ataxia in Jack Russell terriers is a rare, inherited disorder with onset of clinical signs occurring between two months and two years of age. Affected dogs exhibit a gait abnormality characterised by symmetrical generalised ataxia, …

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