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Adding value for farmers through herd health plans
  1. Chris Walster
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RECENT editorial, research and letters in Veterinary Record and other journals suggests low uptake and misunderstanding of herd health plans by farmers and vets. Indeed, it would appear that the veterinary profession has failed in this task for decades. Morris (1999) stated that: ‘Evidence from a wide variety of studies over the last 30 years has shown that because of the substantial effects of diseases on productivity and the relatively low cost of control measures, the net economic benefit obtained from controlling animal diseases is very high, commonly in the range 200 per cent to 1500 per cent return on invested funds’. Comments of a similar vein can be found widely throughout the literature. So, why such a low uptake?

The first issue is what to call such plans. As Statham (2012) implies, a suitable descriptive term has yet to be found, and matters are further confused by generic plans when it …

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