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Effect of a paratuberculosis vaccine on TB diagnosis in goats

C. Chartier, P. Mercier, M-P. Pellet, J. Vialard

PARATUBERCULOSIS is common in goat herds in France. Strategies to control the disease include vaccination. Live and killed paratuberculosis vaccines have been reported to interfere with the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) in cattle and goats, by affecting the animals’ responses to intradermal tuberculin tests. This study assessed the effect of an inactivated paratuberculosis vaccine on intradermal TB testing in goats.

The study used a dairy goat herd that was TB-free and had a history of clinical paratuberculosis. Groups of replacement does were vaccinated before the age of one month. The groups born in 2006 (half of which were vaccinated and half were unvaccinated controls), 2008 and 2009 (all vaccinated) were studied when they were a mean of 3.5 years, 20 months and eight months of age, respectively. All the goats underwent intradermal skin testing, performed using injections of bovine and avian purified protein derivative (PPD). Goats born in 2006 were also tested by the interferon-γ (IFN-γ) TB test using avian and bovine PPD.

None of the unvaccinated goats tested positive for TB by the single intradermal test (SID), …

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