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BVA Council
BVA Council calls for more transparency on RCVS governance review

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  • Circumstances that led to higher-than-expected expenditure on two recent RCVS projects, and the College's future governance plans

  • Options for introducing statutory regulation for veterinary nurses

  • Should practice standards be compulsory?

  • Should lay TB testers be allowed to work for private practices?

These were among matters discussed at a meeting of the BVA Council on December 7, 2011. The BVA President, Carl Padgett, chaired the meeting, which was held at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London

THE RCVS President, Jerry Davies, attended the BVA Council meeting to discuss the steps the RCVS was taking to strengthen its internal governance arrangements in the light of weaknesses identified by the McKelvey review, the recommendations of which had been published in November (see VR, November 26, 2011, vol 169, pp 569–570). The review had been commissioned by the RCVS to examine its budgeting and expenditure processes following higher-than-expected expenditure on projects to develop a new data management system and to provide new meeting rooms in the basement of the College's headquarters in London.

Giving the background, Dr Davies said that the two projects had evolved over three to four years and plans had had to be modified as things had progressed. The new meeting rooms were intended to relieve pressure on space at RCVS headquarters, particularly when the Disciplinary Committee was in session. This was not a simple refurbishment as some reports had suggested, but quite a big project. Unexpected problems had been encountered during the building works; in addition, during the project, it had been decided that it would be wrong to develop the rooms without providing up-to-date conferencing facilities, and this had incurred extra cost.

Carl Padgett, the BVA President, with his fellow officers, Harvey Locke (left) and Peter Harlech Jones (right), at the …

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