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Focus on antimicrobial resistance for World Veterinary Day

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World Veterinary Day takes place annually on the last Saturday of April. This year vets around the world joined together on April 28 to highlight the importance of the responsible use of antimicrobials, and raise concerns about antimicrobial resistance.

BOB Stevenson, the BVA's representative on the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and European councillor, explains:

‘The theme of World Veterinary Day is decided months in advance of the actual day, and from the perspective of our global organisation, the WVA, to the individual veterinarian treating an animal, there can be no more crucial theme than the one selected for 2012.

‘Regional guidance and national guidance on responsible use of antimicrobial medicines are easily accessible. A terrific example is the BVA's eight-point plan for responsible …

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