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Defining the functions of the BVA and the RCVS

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The role of the RCVS, its governance review and use of funds derived from member subscriptions were all discussed at the April meeting of BVA Council. This article sets out the Association's current position.

THERE is no doubt that confusion exists as to the role of the BVA versus the role of the RCVS. You only have to look at recent discussions with candidates standing for election to the RCVS Council on the BVA community forum,, to see evidence of that confusion.

The RCVS regulates the profession; it does not have a representative function and, in BVA Council's view, it cannot act as a source of informed opinion. This is because the RCVS cannot use the funds it gathers through members' subscriptions – its statutory funding – for non-regulatory matters.

The issue …

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