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Feline Neurology
Complex partial orofacial seizures in English cats
  1. Katia Marioni-Henry,
  2. Raquel Monteiro and
  3. Sebastien Behr
  1. Willows Referral Service, Highlands Road, Solihull, West Midlands B90 4NH

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WE would like to alert colleagues to the fact that in the past month we have examined four cats with a particular form of epilepsy.

All four cats lived in a radius of 80 miles from our hospital and presented with complex partial seizures characterised by arrest in a sitting position, profuse salivation, facial twitches, vocalisation (most often howling and hissing) and mydriasis. The complex partial seizures progressed within a few days with an increase in frequency and duration, and in two cats the progression led to generalised seizures with loss of consciousness and involuntary urination. One cat had …

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