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Meat Hygiene
Modernising meat inspection
  1. N. W. Leslie
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ROBERT Huey's science-based article on modernising meat inspection (VR, January 21, 2012, vol 170, pp 68-70) has given rise to an interesting debate. It is clear that traditional end-point meat inspection has become partially obsolete and may even in some specific cases be counterproductive. Subsequent letters from Peter Hewson (VR, February 18, 2012, vol 170, p 186) and W. Cashman (VR, March 10, 2012, vol 170, pp 266-267) illustrate polarised opinions. Hewson considers the meat industry to be over-regulated but, in contrast, Cashman points out the dangers of light-touch regulation as exemplified by most of the world's banking system, with the ongoing Eurozone crisis being a particular case in point.

Cashman rightly highlights …

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