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From small beginnings to ‘a shining example’

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A speech by Brian Singleton, one of the founders of the BSAVA and WSAVA, was among the highlights of the opening ceremony of the recent WSAVA/FECAVA/BSAVA congress in Birmingham. The ceremony, on April 11, also saw the presentation of the WSAVA's and FECAVA's annual awards

A TRIP to the International Veterinary Association congress in Madrid in May 1959 laid the foundations for the creation of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, said Dr Singleton, a past-president of the BSAVA, WSAVA, RCVS and the British Equine Veterinary Association, recalling the very earliest days of the WSAVA.

The trip had been intended as an opportunity to meet colleagues from several countries that already had national small animal veterinary associations in order to explore the feasibility of forming an international small animal association. Eighteen people from 10 countries attended. It was unanimously agreed that the International Association of Small Animal Specialists should be formed. It was also agreed that the immediate aim was to disseminate literature as widely as possible among the member associations, and to organise congresses in member countries. …

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