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Dealing with fat cats
  1. Donna Gaylor

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Caring for an overweight cat Andrea Harvey. Samantha Taylor 80 pages, paperback, £9.99 (discounted price for 10 or more copies, £6.99). Cat Professional. 2012. ISBN 978 1 908583 00 0

FAT cats are a hot topic in the press at the moment; however, unfortunately we tend to focus more on overpaid bankers and less on our overfed moggies. This is a shame, as most owners tend to be unaware of the impact that the extra pounds carried by their feline companion may have on the overall health of their pet. How many times have we heard it said, ‘He's not fat, he's just a big cat’.

This book, ‘Caring for an Overweight Cat’, is designed for exactly the purpose of raising awareness. Aimed …

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