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Professional Conduct
New codes of professional conduct come into effect

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NEW Codes of Professional Conduct for both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses were launched by the RCVS at the BSAVA Congress in Birmingham last week.

The codes, which were subject to a lengthy review and consultation process, were approved by the RCVS Council and the RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council earlier this year (VR, March 24, 2012, vol 170, p 304). They replace the existing guides to professional conduct.

The RCVS says that both codes are intended to be easily accessible and that, at 16 pages long, rather than 50, are much more concise than the existing guides. Each sets out five principles to govern the practice of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses – professional competence; honesty and integrity; independence and impartiality; client confidentiality and trust; and professional accountability – and describes the professional responsibilities that are fundamental to the practice of each profession. To support these responsibilities, 27 chapters of supporting guidance have …

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