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Where do you start in practice?
  1. Vikki Wyse
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Final-year student Vikki Wyse has mixed feelings about what kind of job to apply for on graduating

THE numbers may vary from year to year but, if you survey students in different years at vet school, the majority still seem to want to be mixed practitioners. Worryingly, scouring the recruitment pages of veterinary journals and magazines, such positions seem to be increasingly rare, and many call for experienced vets, not new graduates. Many practices have specialised in only one or two fields, or have created separate departments. The new graduate nightmare seems to be working for a practice in one field but being expected to be on-call for all the others. There also seems to be a perception (and only a perception) that practices that have maintained ‘all-rounders’ may be less progressive or advanced in any one area.

When asking qualified vets for advice on which area(s) to go into, I seem to get two categories of answers; the older vets, who have spent most of their careers in traditional multidisciplinary practices, encourage following a similar line. Younger …

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