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Poultry Health
Spotty liver syndrome in poultry in Great Britain
  1. Tim Crawshaw1 and
  2. Richard Irvine2
  1. AHVLA – Starcross, Staplake Mount, Starcross, Exeter EX6 8PE
  2. AHVLA – Luddington, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 9SJ
  1. e-mail: timothy.crawshaw{at} e-mail: richard.irvine{at}

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SPOTTY liver syndrome is a condition of domestic fowl that typically presents as a drop in egg production, acute mortality and loose faeces in predominantly free-range laying hens around peak lay. The condition takes its name from the characteristic postmortem features, namely an enlarged liver with multifocal grey/white 1 to 2 mm focal lesions (Fig 1). A proportion of birds may also have fibrinous perihepatitis and excess clear abdominal and/or pericardial fluid. Histopathology of liver shows random multifocal necrotic hepatitis. Productivity is reduced in affected flocks. In a case reported by Crawshaw and Young (2003), an acute drop in weekly egg production of 10 to 25 per …

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