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RCVS honours and awards

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The following honours and awards were presented during RCVS Day.

Honorary associates

Honorary associateship of the RCVS may be conferred on non-veterinarians in recognition of their special eminence in, or special service to, veterinary science or the veterinary profession. This year, honorary associateship was conferred on Soraya Shirazi-Beechey.

Professor S. Shirazi-Beechey

Soraya Shirazi-Beechey, currently professor of molecular physiology and biochemistry at Liverpool veterinary school, had dedicated her professional life to veterinary research, the President said. In doing so, she had made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of the molecular physiology of the intestinal tract of domesticated animals.

Soraya Shirazi-Beechey, a new honorary associate of the RCVS, receives her scroll from the then RCVS President, Peter Jinman

Her research had focused on intestinal physiology and microbiology of the horse in health and disease, on intestinal short-chain fatty acid sensing and its homeostatic function, and on intestinal glucose sensing. Professor Shirazi-Beechey's laboratory had been the first to identify the intestinal glucose sensor in the enteroendocrine cells and to demonstrate its role in the regulation of intestinal glucose absorption, insulin secretion and satiety. This ‘extraordinary achievement’ had been recognised internationally, the President said.

‘Soraya has made a huge contribution to veterinary science, both through the translation of her research findings into nutritional practice and through the education of the next generation of intestinal molecular physiologists,’ he continued, adding, ‘She is an inspirational teacher and an outstanding mentor of postgraduate research students.’ It gave him great pleasure to recognise her unique and invaluable contribution to veterinary science.

Honorary fellows

No more than three members of the RCVS may be elected as honorary fellows each year. The award recognises an individual's special eminence in, and services to, the cause of veterinary science. The recipients this year were James Kirkwood and Des Thompson.

Dr J. K. Kirkwood

James Kirkwood had made an outstanding contribution to advancing …

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