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Changing nature of the RCVS

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THE role of the RCVS Council and the nature of the presidency were among matters discussed by the outgoing President, Peter Jinman, in his address during RCVS Day on July 1. The event also saw the presentation of the College's honours and awards, as detailed on p 195.

In his address, Mr Jinman likened the one-year presidency of the RCVS to being a member of a relay team, with each year's incumbent passing on the baton to the next. It was very much a working position, demanding a considerable appetite for paperwork, and, in the interests of continuity, thought had been given during the year to extending the term of office to two or more years. The conclusion was, however, that, while desirable, this was not easily practical, ‘all the more so as tighter economic times on all mean that whether practising vet, lecturer or scientist, all employers can't afford for someone to be away from their position or post for more than a year.’

Mr Jinman noted that, when he qualified in 1974, the RCVS had 30 employees. Now there were over 65. The reason for this was that the number of vets on the Register had grown from 9909 in 1974 to 24,576 today, and the number of countries that they came from had expanded to include all 27 members of the EU as well as the countries whose degrees were traditionally recognised.

Professionalism means more than simply doing a job competently – Peter Jinman, the outgoing RCVS President

Marking World Veterinary Year

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