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Isolation of Asian lineage of peste des petits ruminants virus in Africa

O. Kwiatek, Y. H. Ali, I. K. Saeed, A. I. Khalafalla, O. I. Mohamed, A. A. Obeida and others

DESPITE the eradication of rinderpest, peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) has continued to spread in Africa and Asia. This study investigated the distribution of PPRV over a 10-year period in Sudan and in Morocco following the first reported outbreaks in 2008.

Samples were collected from camels, sheep and goats showing signs of PPRV infection in different regions of Sudan during 2000 to 2009. In Morocco, all samples were collected from sheep. Samples were screened for PPRV antigen by immunocapture ELISA. RT-PCR was used to amplify both the fusion (F) protein gene and the nucleoprotein (N) gene of PPRV from positive samples. The products were sequenced and analysed phylogenetically.

Sixty-four of the 80 samples collected in Sudan, and 16 of 36 samples from Morocco, tested positive for PPRV. The majority of the PPRV isolates from Sudan were shown to be clustered in lineage IV – found in Asia and part of the Middle East. These isolates clustered further into two subgroups: one consisted of isolates from camels, goats and some sheep, …

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