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Research training: RVC seeks exceptional candidates for Wellcome Trust Integrated Training Fellowships
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The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is looking for exceptional individuals to sponsor for Wellcome Trust Integrated Training Fellowships, and has arranged for the Wellcome Trust to visit its Hawkshead campus on September 21 to give a presentation on the scheme.

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FELLOWSHIPS provide up to six years' support for veterinary graduates to develop a career in veterinary research, by providing funding to obtain a PhD and continue clinical training to European Diploma standard in their specialist field. A one-year research entry fellowship leading to a MRes (Master of Research) is also available.

The RVC offers clinical training in a range of specialist disciplines. Programmes of training, in collaboration with biomedical research institutes, are offered within focused research themes of infection and immunity, neuromuscular biology, developmental neurobiology and cancer biology.

The deadline for expressing interest in being sponsored is September 1. Suitable applicants will then be invited to attend the event on September 21, where the presentation will followed by informal one-to-one meetings, first with potential RVC supervisors and then with the Wellcome Trust. The RVC will support suitable candidates in their applications to the Wellcome Trust.


The RVC is seeking candidates to sponsor for fellowships to be used to support the following work:

▪ Testing the hypothesis that progression of articular cartilage damage to osteoarthritis is determined by loading-related changes in the stiffness in subchondral bone;

▪ A systems biology approach to innate immunity in cattle breeds;

▪ The role of exercise in motor neuron disease;

▪ Antimicrobial resistance in horses: relevance to equine and human health;

▪ Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells: innate gatekeepers of peripheral tolerance?;

▪ The novel role of neurotransmitters in induction of immune responses;

▪ Rewiring dendritic cell responses to modulate immune responses;

▪ Impact of C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) on growth and development;

▪ The pathogenesis of muscular dystrophy; a comparative study of different animal models.

Application process

Candidates seeking sponsorship should submit their details on the RVC's postgraduate application form, which can be downloaded from

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