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Correct use of antibiotics?
  1. Henri-Jean Boulouis,
  2. Sarah Caney,
  3. Jean-Pierre Cotard, chairman,
  4. Gilles Dupré,
  5. Anna Maria Farca,
  6. Jacques Fontaine,
  7. Manfred Kietzmann,
  8. Françoise Leblanc and
  9. Roman Lechowski
  1. REQUEST Group, c/o Jan-Cedric Hansen, Secretary, StratAdviser, 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, London W1J 6BD
  1. e-mail: jc.hansen{at}

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The REQUEST Group comments: When nine European veterinarians met together three years ago, they didn't have the faintest idea of what would come out of the meeting. They knew only that too many self-endorsed ‘spokespersons’ were asserting what should be the proper use of fluoroquinolones among companion animals without any clear rationale. The objective of the meeting was to appraise the available literature on the use of fluoroquinolones among companion animals and to find out …

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