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Q&As on wildlife medicine
  1. Andrew Cushing

Statistics from

Self-Assessment Colour Review: Wildlife Medicine and Rehabilitation Anna L. Meredith. Emma J. Keeble 240 pages, paperback, £24.95. Manson Publishing. 2011. ISBN 978 1 84076 146 7

THE format of this book closely follows that of other titles in the publisher's Self-Assessment Colour Review series. A scenario is provided, with good-quality images for most situations, and questions are posed for the reader. For each case, the questions are appropriate and the answers supplied on the following page provide well-researched advice, which could be used as practical guidance for case management.

The lead authors are well known in the field, and they have accumulated a range of worldwide, experienced contributors to provide a wide range of scenarios within the publication. It is this variety …

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