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Controlling pain
  1. Jackie Reid

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Chronic Pain in Small Animal Medicine Steven M. Fox 256 pages, hardback, £50. Manson Publishing. 2010. ISBN 978 1 84076 124 5

THIS book is divided into three sections, which could be broadly classified according to their content: physiology and pathophysiology; pharmacology; and pain management. Each section is made up of three well-referenced chapters. In addition to the editor, five eminent specialists in their fields, all from the USA, have contributed to the book. There is a certain amount of duplication of material between chapters, but the chapters are written in a consistent style. Historical facts, demographic information and frequent reference to human medicine add interest for the reader.

Chapter 1, ‘Physiology of pain’, comprises almost 30 per cent of the text. Its 62 pages contain 66 diagrams, in full colour, which should aid the reader in the understanding of what is an in-depth review of a complex subject. The book has a glossary and a …

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