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Kicking his way to the top
  1. Pip Boydell, kickboxer

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Pip Boydell (in red and white), who contributed a Ten-minute chat to Vet Record Careers earlier this year (VR, June 11, 2011, vol 169, Vet Record Careers, p ii), has just returned from Spain as a world champion kickboxer.

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Pip, who is the founder and director of the Animal Medical Centre Referral Services in Manchester, runs his own kickboxing club in south Manchester, where interns at the referral practice are welcome to train (but it's not compulsory). At the club, his students include a couple of world champions, a professional K1 boxer, and a couple of cage fighters.

Despite treating eye and brain trauma on a regular basis in practice, Pip continues to expose himself to the risk of similar injuries in the ring. He admits to finding it harder to keep up with younger professional fighters these days, but says that he cannot imagine a better stressbuster.

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