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Equine Disease
Diagnostic assays for glanders
  1. Heinrich Neubauer
  1. Institut für bakterielle Infektionen und Zoonosen, Fredrich-Loeffler-Institut, Naumburger Strasse 96a, 07743 Jena, Germany
  1. E-mail: heinrich.neubauer{at}

Statistics from

H. Neubauer, one of the authors of the paper, comments: We acknowledge the comments made by Wood and Conlan on our paper (Khan and others 2011) and would like to respond.

The stated prevalence of less than 0.1 per cent was an assumed prevalence and was erroneously inserted into the summary and into the statistics section without explanation in the discussion. As no concise data can be obtained from Pakistan and Brazil, any estimate on prevalence remains purely speculative. We are sorry for making this mistake and any misinterpretation it may have caused. …

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