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Antimicrobials and professional matters discussed in Cape Town

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The BVA's past-president, Harvey Locke, reports on the 2011 World Veterinary Association (WVA) congress and a meeting of the International Veterinary Officers Council (IVOC), which were held in Cape Town, South Africa, in October.

ONE of the key events of this year's WVA congress was a half-day summit on antimicrobial resistance. There were a number of speakers from industry, regulatory bodies and the veterinary profession. The most practical presentation was given by the BVA's president-elect and medicines ‘guru’, Peter Jones. He urged those who laid the blame for resistance in humans on alleged overuse of antibiotics in animals without scientific evidence to back up their claims to be cautious, and stressed the need for antibiotics to be retained for use by vets as a vital tool in the …

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