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IN tribute to Eric Pierson (VR, November 12, 2011, vol 169, p 533), Douglas Stewart writes: Eric Pierson was my partner in mixed practice in the Weald of Kent. I had arrived straight from university, Eric by the more circuitous route of India, Burma and Malaya, serving with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps in the last years of World War II, and after the war with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Afghanistan and Thailand.

His experience of tropical diseases was not of great service to him in Kent. There was, however, one occasion when a neighbouring vet called on his expertise for a second opinion on a cow that had difficulty swallowing, and which he thought had bluetongue. Eric made his examination, and, to our neighbour's embarrassment, produced a wellington boot from the back of the animal's mouth.

Our partnership lasted some 35 years, until Eric retired in 1988. I could not have wished for a better person with whom to …

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