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History of equine vets in Newmarket
  1. Deidre M. Carson

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History of Veterinary Practice Newmarket 1831–2011 Edited by Peter Rossdale. Peter Jackson. Timothy Cox 96 pages, hardback, £29. Romney Publications. 2011. ISBN 978 0 9541587 2 9

WE vets are often accused of taking ourselves a bit too seriously, but, fortunately, many of our colleagues and clients do not. This book records the many people and events that have shaped the current status of the equine veterinary profession in Newmarket through the recollections, deadly serious to highly amusing, of people who have witnessed a part of that development. While we can all be proud of all that we are able to achieve in equine medicine and surgery in 2011, this is only down to the efforts and experiences of those who went before us. Credit must be given to the owners, grooms, farriers, generous …

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