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The appliance of science
  1. R. J. Sibley
  1. West Ridge Veterinary Practice, Witheridge, Devon EX168 8AS
  1. e-mail: dicksibley{at}

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Farm animal practitioners need to create business models that sell science rather than the more obviously tangible products such as medicines and tasks, says Dick Sibley

ONE of our many functions as veterinary practitioners is to translate science into action. The appliance of science. We rely on the endeavours of our faithful researchers to provide us with knowledge and understanding that we can use to help our clients provide the very best for their livestock. We use our skills as practical and communicative veterinary surgeons to adapt the science we are provided with, to use within the systems and husbandry methods that our clients use to produce food from their livestock. This is no small challenge, and we sometimes find that there are hurdles to overcome to make the best use of good scientific discovery.

Our knowledge and understanding of the science of veterinary practice is ingrained from our undergraduate years where the teaching of veterinary surgery and medicine has always been based on best science. Long may it stay that way. The art of veterinary practice develops thereafter, …

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