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British Veterinary Association annual general meeting, 2011

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The 129th annual general meeting of the British Veterinary Association was held at the Royal College of Physicians, London, on September 24 at the end of the Association's annual conference

THE members-only business section of the AGM was chaired by Derek Williams, chairman of the BVA Board.

The meeting approved the report of the 2010 AGM, which was published in the Veterinary Record of November 27, 2010 (vol 167, pp 872–873). It also adopted the Association's accounts for 2010. Mr Williams noted that a copy of the statutory accounts was available to members on the Association's website,

The BVA's head of finance, Derek Thorpe, told the meeting that, in 2010, the Association had total recognised gains of £397,471. Following the investment made in transferring production of the BVA's publications to the BMJ Group in 2009, a significant upturn in the financial return from the publications had been recorded in 2010, with an increase of 40 per cent in revenue. The initial five-year investment cost had already been recouped, he said.

The BVA's total income had increased by 18 per cent. Membership numbers had increased during the year, but there had been a slight reduction in the income from membership subscriptions due to the introduction of a new combined and reduced student rate and the continued growth of the group rate. Income from the Canine Health Schemes and the BVA's CPD courses had both increased.

The Association's total expenditure had increased by 2.7 per cent. However, there had been a significant increase in capital expenditure, with investment being made in embedding …

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