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Sheep Welfare
Distribution category for oral copper supplements for sheep
  1. W. L. Porter1 and
  2. P. W. Watson2
  1. Animax Ltd, Shepherds Grove West, Stanton, Suffolk IP31 2AR
  2. Peter Watson Solutions, 6 New Road, Chevington, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 5QL
  1. e-mail wlp{at}

Statistics from

THE letter from M. J. Glover and N. A. Blake (VR, May 21, 2011, vol 168, p 542) refers to two incidents of copper poisoning in sheep, where animals had been given capsules containing copper oxide needles. The authors also refer to the total numbers of incidents of copper poisoning in sheep diagnosed by the VLA/SAC, 2002 to 2009. It should be noted that these figures are for total incidents of copper poisoning, not incidents involving copper oxide needles.

Animax Ltd is the only medicinally licensed …

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