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UK to harmonise its pet travel rules in line with the EU

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‘IT will become cheaper and easier to travel abroad with pets when new rules are introduced at the start of next year.’

So said Defra on June 30, when it announced that, from January 1, 2012, the UK will be bringing most of its pet movement rules in line with those operating in the rest of the EU.

While all pets entering the UK will still need to be vaccinated against rabies, those entering from an EU member state or a listed non-EU country, such as the USA and Australia, will no longer need a blood test to check that the vaccine has been effective, and will have to wait only 21 days after vaccination before they travel.

Pets from unlisted non-EU countries, such as India, Brazil and South Africa, will no longer have to go into quarantine and will be able to enter the UK provided they have been vaccinated against rabies, blood tested to check for efficacy and waited three months after blood testing before entering the UK.

All pets entering the UK will still have to be microchipped and to have a pet passport or a third-country certificate.

Defra says that the changes will bring the Pet Travel Scheme ‘into line with the most recent science’. It says that ‘The changes will ensure the risk …

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