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  1. RVC 1971 graduates' reunion

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Twenty-five Royal Veterinary College (RVC) graduates from 1971 attended a 40th anniversary reunion dinner at the Thurlestone Hotel in Devon on October 8, with some flying in from Australia, Canada and Malta especially to attend the event. Although two-thirds are now retired, most of the group had been partners or principals of their own practices, working in mixed practice, equine practice and small animal practice in the UK. One of the graduates, Peter Stevenson, spent his career in veterinary research in Africa and of three who joined Government service, Lino Vella served as Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) for Malta and Fred Landeg CBE as acting UK CVO. In 1971, 12 per cent of those graduating in veterinary medicine from the RVC were women; in 2011 women accounted for about 85 per cent of the graduates.

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The picture shows: (standing, left to right) Heather Mumford, Richard Brain, Kate Colles, Chris King (partially hidden), David Lewis, Chris Elphick, Fred Landeg, Pip Pocock, Patrick Hunt, Chris Colles, Lady Sue Lawrence, Richard Cadman, Andrew Deans, Max Bonniwell, Rob Howell, Neil Partridge, Philip Glyn, Judy Oliver, Chris Grimshaw, Diane Self, Charmian Lewis-Jones; (kneeling, left to right) Huw Llewellyn, Lino Vella, David Long, Peter Stevenson

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