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Canine Health
Ingestion of multiple magnets by a dog
  1. Naomi Creedy and
  2. Nicola Bates
  1. Barrow Hill Veterinary Hospital, Maidstone Road, Ashford, Kent TN24 8TY
  2. VPIS, Mary Sheridan House, Guy's Hospital, 13 St Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY
  1. e-mail: vets{at}

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FOREIGN body ingestion in dogs is a common problem and often not witnessed by the owner. Consequently, the object is often unidentified until it is removed. Ingestion of multiple magnets is a well-documented problem in children (McCormick and others 2002), and has more recently been reported in the veterinary literature (Kiefer and others 2010). We report a case of multiple magnet ingestion in a dog, where prompt intervention prevented more serious consequences.

A nine-month-old, male neutered bichon frise dog was presented with acute-onset vomiting of 24 hours' duration. …

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