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Reducing surgical complications using a safety checklist
  1. James Gasson, Theatre Manager
  1. Centre for Small Animal Studies, Animal Health Trust, Lanwades Park, Kentford, Suffolk CB8 7UU
  1. e-mail: james.gasson{at}

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IN his editorial discussing how to reduce surgical complications (VR, September 24, 2011, vol 169, pp 334–335), Mickey Tivers makes some excellent points in addressing surgical complications and cites the use of the World Health Organization (WHO) surgical safety checklist by the medical profession, following on from its global ‘Safe Surgery Saves Lives’ campaign of June 2008. Aware of the WHO's proposal and acknowledging its potential to reduce harm in the perioperative setting, the Animal Health Trust (AHT) introduced a modified surgical safety checklist in November 2008 for all animals undergoing invasive procedures …

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