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BVA Council
Concern expressed about AHVLA's plans for laboratory services

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  • Reorganisation of laboratory services at regional AHVLA laboratories

  • Progress with the work of the Veterinary Development Council

  • AHVLA's proposals regarding competitive tendering for TB testing

  • BVA/RSPCA memorandum of understanding on emergency treatment of stray animals

  • Formation of a veterinary union

These were among matters discussed by the BVA Council at its meeting on September 22. The then President, Harvey Locke, chaired the meeting, which was held at the BVA's Headquarters in London.

DESPITE the forthcoming closure of laboratory services at a number of the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency's (AHVLA's) regional laboratories, the BVA had been assured by the agency that postmortem services would remain at all centres, the then President, Harvey Locke, reported. Also, it had been told that none of the centres would close during the current phase of rationalisation, which was scheduled to last until 2012, and that there would not be any compulsory redundancies among the veterinary staff. ‘We were also advised that procedures would be put in place to ensure microbiological samples would be processed in a timely fashion and that some Saturday working would be introduced to ensure prompt processing of samples at laboratories,’ he said.

He noted, however, that the current changes were only the start of a process that was due to take place over the next three to four years. ‘The AHVLA is still reviewing the overall issue of surveillance,’ he said, ‘and we expressed our clear concern that veterinary surveillance must not be impaired by future changes.’

He said that the BVA would concentrate its efforts on changes that might be made after March 2013, as it believed that it had time to influence these. He invited Council members to suggest ways in which the BVA could draw attention to the unintended consequences …

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