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What does the farming industry want from the veterinary profession and how can the profession meet its needs? A debate at the recent BVA Congress in London heard a farmer's perspective on the subject and also how the profession is identifying a way forward. Kathryn Clark reports

THERE are some ‘fantastic’ opportunities for the veterinary profession when it comes to offering business advice to its farming clients, according to James Fanshawe, a beef and sheep farmer from Northamptonshire.

Speaking in a contentious issues debate on September 23, Mr Fanshawe argued that by concentrating on technical and clinical work, and relying on income from government work and medicines sales, vets were putting themselves at a disadvantage. He believed that some vets interpreted their functions too narrowly and that they needed to think more expansively about what they were trying to do for their clients and develop other services valued by farmers. ‘Growing beyond your regulated business is possible,’ he said.

Moving towards being a business adviser would allow vets to get much more involved with their clients' businesses. …

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