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Specialisation, self-assessment and measuring competency
  1. Paul R. Manning
  1. Astonlee Veterinary Hospital, Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire MK16 9BA
  1. e-mail: paulandhilary{at}

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THIS is a vitally important subject, which is huge in both dimension and impact for the profession. The field of general practice is a complex one, and involves many interacting systems both in clinical and non-clinical areas. It is therefore pleasing to note that the entry level to veterinary school is still set high, as is the level of achievement of the entrants to our profession. May and Swift (VR, October 1, 2011, vol 169, p 367) raise some important issues, but there is plenty to add to this debate that should be positive.

In order to harness the resources to meet the complex needs of service delivery, we need systems that can meet this challenge. A 360° feedback system …

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