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Vets likely to be removed from occupational shortage list

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THE Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended removing veterinary surgeons from the UK's occupational shortage list, which could make it harder for vets from outside Europe to meet immigration requirements to fill jobs in the UK.

The occupational shortage list plays an important part in the UK's points-based system of immigration controls and identifies occupations in which it is considered that shortages could sensibly be filled by allowing employers to recruit migrant workers from countries outside the European Economic Area. Veterinary surgeons have been included in the ‘Tier 2’ list of occupations for which it was felt such workers might help fill a skills gap since the points-based scheme was introduced three years ago (VR, September 20, 2008, vol 163, p 346), but now the MAC, which advises the Government on immigration issues, is recommending that they should be removed.

In a review of the …

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