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Veterinary neurology in detail
  1. Colin J. Driver

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Handbook of Veterinary Neurology, 5th edn Michael D. Lorenz. Joan R. Coates. Marc Kent 560 pages, hardback, £64.99. Saunders Elsevier. 2011. ISBN 978 1 4377 0651 2

GIVEN the complexity of the topic, what one requires from a neurological textbook is the right balance between simple explanations of general concepts and detailed clinical data. The ‘Handbook of Veterinary Neurology’ fills these roles more than adequately. This fifth edition of the book is in colour, replete with high-quality photographs and figures to support the text. What's more, the book has been extensively updated from previous editions to keep up with this rapidly evolving field.

As with most neurological texts, there …

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