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Evaluating display quality of different monitors in feline digital radiography

E. Ludewig, C. Boeltzig, K. Gäbler, A. Werrmann, G. Oechtering

IN HUMAN medical imaging, the performance of the monitor used for viewing images can have a substantial impact on diagnostic performance. This study compared the display quality of different monitors commonly used in veterinary practice.

Four types of monitors were evaluated for their use in viewing feline radiographs: two medical-grade grey-scale monitors (one cathode-ray tube [CRT] and one liquid crystal display [LCD]) and two standard consumer-grade colour PC monitors (one CRT and one LCD). Lateral stifle joint and right lateral thoracic radiographs were obtained from 30 normal anaesthetised cats undergoing routine procedures. Images were evaluated independently on each monitor by four observers with a minimum of three years' experience in digital radiography. Each observer scored the visibility of a number of features on a four-point scale (1 insufficient, 2 borderline insufficient, 3 average, 4 excellent).

The results of 3360 observations were analysed. The two medical-grade monitors were found to have superior display quality compared with the standard PC monitors, with no differences being observed between them. The colour CRT was found to be significantly better …

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