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Isolation of bluetongue virus serotypes 2, 9 and 15 from sheep in India by Y. R. Bommineni, Y. N. Reddy, P. P. Rao, D. Sudheer, B. Susmitha, B. J. Sarma, M. V. Subba Rao (VR, November 1, 2008, vol 163, pp 545–546; doi: 10.1136/vr.163.18.545). The authors of this short communication would like to inform colleagues that of the seven isolates mentioned in the article only two (BTV-9 isolates) proved to be correct upon RT-PCR analyses, while all three isolates classified as BTV-15 were found to be BTV-10, and both isolates classified as BTV-2 were found to be BTV-9. The authors regret the error.

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