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Animal Welfare
Tail docking of dairy cattle in the UK
  1. Sophia Hepple1 and
  2. Jane Clark2
  1. AHVLA, Animal Welfare Team, Defra, Area 8B, 9 Millbank, London SW1P 3JR
  2. AHVLA, Animal Health Corporate Headquarters, C3 Government Buildings, Whittington Road, Worcester WR5 2LQ

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ROUTINE inspections in England have found a small number of instances of tail docking of dairy calves. This letter is to alert colleagues to these findings, the legal position on tail docking of cattle, and to enable them properly to advise their clients.

The Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) (England) Regulations 2007 do not allow tail docking of cattle, and those carrying out the procedure will be breaking the law. Similar legislation applies in Scotland and Wales, while in Northern Ireland the Welfare …

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