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Cardiorespiratory medicine
  1. K. E. Simpson

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BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiorespiratory Medicine, 2nd edn Edited by Virginia Luis Fuentes. Lynelle R. Johnson. Simon Dennis 328 pages, paperback, £85. BSAVA. 2010. Distributed by Wiley-Blackwell; available to BSAVA members from ISBN 978 1 905319 12 1

OVERALL, this book is beautifully presented, in an easy-to-read style. There are lots of tables and flow charts, which provide the reader with a quick reference guide to diagnosis and treatment. It is well written, with a focus on general practitioner-level cardiorespiratory medicine, yet at times diving deeper into pathophysiology or more advanced techniques.

This updated edition provides a relatively up-to-date text on cardiorespiratory disease. Personally, I feel that it might be better titled ‘Manual of Canine (and Feline) Cardiorespiratory Disease’, as, generally, the book focuses on the …

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