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Rehabilitation Medicine
Provision of canine hydrotherapy in the UK
  1. Lowri Davies, President
  1. BVRSMA, SMART Veterinary Clinic, Weighbridge Referral Centre, Kemys Way, Swansea SA6 8QF
  1. e-mail: mail{at}

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THE provision of hydrotherapy in the UK has been of major concern to the British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association (BVRSMA) for several years. As a recent paper in Veterinary Record highlighted (Waining and others 2011), many hydrotherapy centres in the UK are staffed by people with no nationally recognised qualification and there is no recognised professional governing body. Functional hydrotherapy, when used appropriately within a comprehensive rehabilitation programme, can be an invaluable aid in restoring function. When applied indiscriminately and in a non-functional manner, however, at best it can be of little additional benefit to that animal's recovery and, at worst, it can permanently …

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