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BVA Council
New BVA Council meets for the first time

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  • Veterinary engagement with the food chain

  • Restricting veterinary use of new classes of antibiotic

  • Proposed qualification in monitoring anaesthesia

  • Impact of higher tuition fees

These were among matters discussed by the BVA Council at its meeting on April 6. The BVA President, Harvey Locke, chaired the meeting, which was held at the BVA's headquarters in Mansfield Street, London

THE chairman of the Veterinary Development Council, Richard Bennett, had been invited to the meeting to discuss the work of the VDC and the issues that it was exploring.

He began by reminding Council members of the VDC's terms of reference:

  • To assess the market for veterinary services in the food supply chain; and

  • How this market might best be serviced and organised so as to maximise benefits to the veterinary profession, to users of their services and to society in general.

The VDC was established following a recommendation made by Philip Lowe in his report on veterinary involvement in the food chain (VR, August 15, 2009, vol 165, pp 186–188). It held its first meeting in January to gain some idea of the issues that it might look at (VR, February 5, 2011, vol 168, p 115).

Richard Bennett: the Veterinary Development Council is looking at business models that might help vets serve food animal clients more effectively

Professor Bennett explained that five key issues had been identified:

  • The need for the veterinary profession to engage more with the food supply chain generally;

  • Consideration of different business models that might help the veterinary profession service its clients' needs more effectively, adding value and reducing costs;

  • Engagement with government and the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, and forming a strategic partnership with these bodies;

  • The role of paraprofessionals and …

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