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BVA committees: new members' views

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Each year, elections are held to fill vacancies on the BVA's committees. Here, three new members, who serve on the Members Services Group (MSG), the Ethics and Welfare Group (EWG) and Veterinary Policy Group (VPG), share their thoughts on the most recent meetings, and the insights they have gained through the work they are doing for Association.

Rob Darvill – recent graduate representative on MSG

I joined the MSG last September having been cajoled by a university colleague after I expressed an interest in being an active member of the BVA.

So far, I have attended two committee meetings, one in October 2010, and one in February, and have been involved in the e-mail loop discussing more urgent matters that required decisions. The MSG membership comprises a variety of ages, seniorities and specialities from within the profession, and therefore represents a spectrum of viewpoints. This has highlighted to me the range of individuals the BVA represents and looks to provide services for. At the meetings I have learnt a lot more about the services the BVA offers to its members; for example, the legal advice line (which is for any – not just veterinary – legal matter) and the Bupa discount.

As a young graduate member of the MSG, I try to represent the views of those who have recently graduated with regard to the types …

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