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Comprehensive text on equine reproduction
  1. Madeleine Campbell

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Equine Reproduction, 2nd edn Edited by Angus O. McKinnon, Edward L. Squires, Wendy E. Vaala, Dickson D. Varner 3288 pages (2 volumes), hardback, £274.99. Wiley-Blackwell. 2011. ISBN 978 0 8138 1971 6

NOW that the much-anticipated second edition of this reproduction ‘bible’ has finally arrived, those who had been forlornly watching their 1993 editions disintegrate at the binding, and wondering why the second edition was taking so long, may find themselves instead marvelling at the feat of editing and collaboration that has brought it into existence. At 3288 pages, 325 chapters and with 250 authors, ‘Equine Reproduction’ is nothing if not ambitious, and is a worthy successor to the original edition.

Although the order of the main subdivisions (foal, mare and stallion) has been changed, the detail of anatomy and physiology, endocrinology and embryology that characterised the first edition is still to be found, updated to reflect advances in techniques and understanding. Thus, for …

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