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Survey of the current use of pharmacokinetic model-driven drug delivery in small animal anaesthesia and analgesia in Italy
  1. L. Novello, MedVet, DipESRA, MRCVS and
  2. B. Carobbi, MedVet, MRCVS
  1. Referenza Carobbi Novello, via Donatori di Sangue 13/c, 35020 Piove di Sacco, Padova, Italy
  1. E-mail for correspondence info{at}

Veterinary surgeons in Italy were surveyed about their current practice with regard to the use of propofol and intravenous opioids during anaesthesia and for treatment of acute pain in small animals. Questionnaires were e-mailed to all 171 members of the Italian Society of Veterinary Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine. Information was requested on the type of practice the veterinarians worked in, the administration techniques used and the perceived benefit of pumps with target-controlled infusion (TCI) capability implementing small animal pharmacokinetic models. A total of 168 responses were received (response rate 98.2 per cent). Of the respondents, 121 (72.0 per cent) worked in a first-opinion private practice, 25 (14.9 per cent) worked in a 24/7 private practice, 11 (6.5 per cent) worked in a referral private practice, eight (4.8 per cent) worked in a university hospital, two (1.2 per cent) were not currently practising with small animals and one (0.6 per cent) had retired. Of the 130 (78.8 per cent) practising respondents who reported using a syringe pump, eight (4.8 per cent) used a TCI system, 31 (18.8 per cent) used manual TCI, 40 (24.2 per cent) used a bolus-elimination-transfer scheme and 51 (31 per cent) used a constant-rate infusion. As a result, 79 of 165 (47.9 per cent) practising respondents used a pharmacokinetic model-driven method of drug delivery. The majority of respondents (81.2 per cent) believed that the use of pumps with TCI capability would improve practice and patient care.

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