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EIG's 'final word' on progress with the AHWS

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THE England Implementation Group (EIG) gives its 'final word' on the issues surrounding progress with implementing the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy (AHWS) in a report published on January 14. In September last year, Defra announced that it was disbanding the group, despite an independent review concluding that it was a valuable asset to the department (VR, September 26, 2009, vol 165, p 358).

In her foreword to the EIG's final progress report, Helen Browning, the group's chairman, says that, throughout the four years the group existed, its progress reports emphasised process as much as outcomes. However, given that this is its last chance to comment, this time it has included clear recommendations aimed at ensuring that momentum is maintained.

The report gives an overview of both the progress that has been made with the AHWS and the challenges that remain. There has, it says, 'been significant progress since the dark days which gave rise to the AHWS', but 'the challenges ahead should not be underestimated', and it will be important to maintain focus and momentum in many areas. The challenges are largely …

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