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Simple, minimally invasive technique for ovariohysterectomy in the dog
  1. M. Pukacz1,
  2. B. Kienzle, DrMedVet, DiplECAR2 and
  3. J. Braun, DrMedVet, DiplECAR2
  1. 1Schiebstaettweg 29, 85290 Geisenfeld, Germany
  2. 2Clinic for Surgery and Reproduction in Small Animals, Veterinary Faculty, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Koeniginstrasse 14, 80539 Munich, Germany
  1. Correspondence to Dr Braun, e-mail: joachim.braun{at}


A simple method of minimally invasive surgery for ovariohysterectomy in the dog, without the use of laparoscopic equipment, was trialled. Fifty-nine client owned dogs of different breeds admitted for elective ovariohysterectomy were entered into the study. The tip of the left uterine horn and ovary were pulled into a cranial midline portal with the aid of a spay hook. The ovarian pedicle and the tip of the uterine horn were ligated and the ovary was dissected. The uterine horn was pulled backwards from a second midline portal, just cranial of the pubic bone, until the cervix was visible. After ligation and dissection of the cervix, the right uterine horn was pulled from the cranial portal until the right ovary was visible and could also be dissected. All 59 dogs underwent the intended procedure (mean duration 59 minutes, range 30 to 88 minutes). No haemorrhaging occurred during surgery and no serious complications were reported during the postoperative period.

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